(All specifications are subject to change without notice.)


from 3 - 10 kW

Light Weight!

It only weighs about 50 lbs, with a tank size of approximately 1 gallon!

Voltages & Wattages
240 volt single phase.
The compact size and light weight of the boiler allow for easy movement up or down stairwells and loading into or out of a vehicle.
Modulating Boiler
The boiler will operate on the minimum number of elements in order to maintain the desired temperature, and improve comfort.
CSA Approved
All models are CSA approved for Hydronic Heating.
Heating System
Ideal for radiant floor systems.
New & Existing Systems
Perfect for both new installations and as a replacement for existing systems.
Boiler is wall mounted.
All elements are accessed from top of boiler.
Precise Temperature
Built in, adjustable controller for precise temperature control (60-130 degrees F / 15 to 54 degrees C).
Heavy duty wiring
Easy Connections
Boiler is pre-wired with all controls for easy connection of external thermostat and circulating pump.
Insulated Tank
LED Lights
LED indicator lights on control board.
Pressure Relief Valve, Pressure Temperature Gauge, and Air Vent included with all boilers.
Ten year limited warranty on tank. Two year limited warranty on all other components.
Made in Canada!

Technical Specifications

Model kW Volts Amps BTU
LEB-3 3 240 12.5 10,236
LEB-4 4 240 16.7 13,648
LEB-5 5 240 20.8 17,061
LEB-6 6 240 25.0 20,473
LEB-7 7 240 29.2 23,885
LEB-8 8 240 33.3 27,297
LEB-9 9 240 37.5 30,709
LEB-10 10 240 41.7 34,121

Dimensions (inches)

LEB Dimensions
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